Love, Sweat & Tears - Keeping Romance Alive after Menopause
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Death, taxes, and menopause are unavoidable facts of life

Death, taxes, and menopause are unavoidable facts of life. Love, Sweat & Tears is a groundbreaking, inspiring, and humorous look at a long-taboo subject that will impact both women and men during their lifetimes. Filled with humor, insight, and important medical information, Love, Sweat & Tears follows Dr. Pamela Dee Gaudry, “America’s Menopause Romance Doctor,” as she guides women through the isolation, fear, and confusion of this phase of life to become happier and healthier. This essential documentary includes interviews with renowned medical experts, comedians like Joan Rivers in her last screen appearance, and spiritual leaders such as Dr. Michael Beckwith. On a mission to de-stigmatize menopause, Dr. Pam takes a sex-positive approach, encouraging women to keep romance alive and enjoy intimacy long after the flow is gone.

User Reviews
Primuslulu 2017-07-12
Best entertaining movie that finally explains everything you ever wanted to know about menopause but have been afraid to ask... or couldn't find anyone who could give you an honest medical down to earth explanation . Must see no matter what your age is.

CosdUser 2017-06-29
I enjoyed this film. It's a great sexual health film for women approaching or in menopause. Conversations with lots of interesting people, although some seem marginally related to the topic. Loved Joan, of course. This film is a a good start toward understanding more about menopause and normalizing the discussion of menopause in a society that doesn't approve of the aging of women.