War for the Planet of the Apes
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Caesar (Andy Serkis) and his apes are forced into a deadly conflict with an army of humans led by a

Caesar (Andy Serkis) and his apes are forced into a deadly conflict with an army of humans led by a ruthless Colonel (Woody Harrelson). But after the apes suffer unimaginable losses, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and resolves to avenge his kind, pitting him against the Colonel in an epic battle that will determine the fate of both their species...and the future of the planet.

User Reviews
Danny boy5 2024-05-17
One of the saddest endings in any movie ive seen

soboba1918 2023-09-17
Can’t even watch my own movie I payed for because apple wants it to be downloaded I guess to be watched can’t even be played on my adapter because that needs a different download like come on all this money apple gets and I can’t even watch one movie I paid. on top of that! It expires ahahahh great new what time to live in Never buying movies from apple or Apple TV not worth it.

Benvillars 2022-05-17
Almost walked out via boredom

SoNotAHater333 2021-05-27
A pastiche masterpiece that utilizes the best special effects of the new reboot as well as some of Matt Reeves best sensibilities.

Candelaria99 2020-11-07
I don’t know how other reviewers said it was bad. IT WAS SOOO GOOD!!!! The animations looked so real and bad ape?? Such a great happy addition in a serious movie and it didn’t look weird at all!!!! Recommend 10/10 🤗

Nicholas becerra 2020-06-03
This is the best entry to the Planet of the Apes saga it's darker than most Planet of the Apes movies. Andy Serkis again does a wonderful job playing Caesar the main character in this action packed thriller.

JJJacket 2020-05-26
Jk, loved it

SAMUEL MAFFIE 2020-02-11
FRIDAY FEBRUARY 31 14 (2020)

Apollo balbao 2019-07-21

Sleeepeepy 2019-04-30
There’s only one thing to write about the horrible mess; One of the worst movies ever made

Wgrodtp 2019-04-20
Wow amazing

bumblebeefan#27 2019-03-02
I couldn’t have asked for a better ending. So many strong emotions. You can tell they were putting their all into making this final movie.

NoStringss 2019-01-13
Freaking horrible 😤

Teley_Pickin_Rebel23 2018-08-23
When is this available to rent? Wanna see it so bad

Brentomdavis 2018-05-21
This movie's ending was horrible. A complete and total downer ending and the perfect cap off to a series who's main message was 'humans are bad and deserve to die.' In the first movie where our own 'arrogance' in playing with something we would never play with in reality causes a global pandemic and mass deaths, to the second movie where the humans are the enemy because they want to turn on power to their city and be able to survive. This movie caps it off with the final extinction or enslavement of mankind, with most of humanity turning on itself because of a new stage of the virus, with the only survivors being mutes who are taken off to become slaves or pets to the apes. Congratulations. Mankind is now reduced to either extinction or the status of a pet at best, slave at worse. Anyone who likes this movie and overlooks that point should step back and re-evaluate your lives, because you just overlooked the enslavement of a species (us), or at worse its complete extinction, all because the graphics looked good and you were shown one side of the story.

MajorMatt3 2018-04-30
I found it slow and boring. Held my interest to get to the end. Thanks goodness I saw it on HBO. If you've seen the other films you will want to add this to your rainy day watch list.

LordShen528491 2018-04-06
One of the best films of 2017. A must see!

Vjm22 2018-03-26
It was movie of the trilogy

Tom_Prech 2018-03-23
What do you do when you catch the great rebel leader? Shooting him on spot? Nah.. just keeping him so he can inspire all your prisoners to rebel.. AGAIN. What a stupid plot point.

Radelite 2018-03-08
Idk how this managed to get 93 on rotten tomatoes. Maybe the people who disliked it didn't bother to vote...

Axne2 2018-01-26
This movie was almost good, but it lacked some key elements that made it fail. Way too much of the budget went to Woody so it was slow and boring After the first hour. I was first admiring the 4K HDR on my Sony XBR-BEAST, but in the end I was just checking to see how much of the movie was left. 2 Stars. 🤦🏽‍♂️

StoryDelver 2018-01-13
If these apes are so smart why do they have the tactical awareness of a bunch of drunken kittens? Truly stupid. Pointless ending. Honestly, I 2x forwarded through much of it. Really bad.

00....00 2018-01-08
Enough of these movies. This one is really bad.

I like Dino's 2018-01-02
First off, this film was incredible. The Visuals, acting, music, directing and cinematography, were done beautifully. Directed Matt Reeves gave the film a post-apocalyptic worn down tone, which added to Woody Harrolsons and Andy Serkis’ believable, pain filled performances. Steve Zhans “bad ape” provided much needed comic relief, while Nova’s speechless state was filled with emotion and understanding. Weta Digital’s groundbreaking CGI captured the emotion of the actors playing apes and made the film pull together seamlessly. There were funny parts, sweet parts, clever parts, definitely sad parts, and the movie as a whole played out beautifully. SPOILER ALERT But I will say this... For a majority of the film, the apes are just cooped up in the cages that the evil colonial put them in, and it felt a bit slow at times. I would have liked a little more time with Woody Harrolsons character to fully understand him. Especially when he caught the new version of the Simain Flu. But that’s all. Great Movie

Ronaldo rules 2017-12-22
One of the best movies I’ve ever seen

Conservative Democrat 2017-12-13

derek_5150 2017-12-11
I came out of the theater impressed with the visuals and unimpressed with the story, but it has since grown on me. This movie is fantastic.

ri_meyellow 2017-12-11
Loved it, had great action and more. Best planet of the apes movie!!!

DaijDjan 2017-12-09
this has a plot that is so linear that it is predictable from minute 1 it is also NOTHING new... it feels like .. hey lets take this old war movie and put apes in :(

Denito165 2017-11-29
Too bored and long

B-Dre 2017-11-26
This was a solid movie, worthy of a 4 star rating. It would have been a 5-Star rating had the movie cut to a future scene where a rogue space ship lands in Washington DC and is overrun by apes. Then it wod have cleanly tied the remake to the 2001 film.

#the truth hurts 2017-11-25
This movie was boring and difficult to follow. The characters were hard to follow as well.

Slytechs inc 2017-11-25
Movie plot way messy. Long drawn out. 3 stars. Loved 1 and 2.

Tmunny11 2017-11-24
Incredible. This series is astounding and completely underrated.

Depth, beauty, darkness, struggle. Stunning film.

Ronin Sherpa 2017-11-21
The second movie is more of a "WAR." The trailers, posters and build up of this movie touts a battle that never comes. The apes are captured easily and spend most of the movie trying to excape from the jail in scenes VERY reminiscent of the other two movies. So riminiscent in fact, it just feels warmed over and already done. The apes excaped from places worse than this before. The final battle doesn't even involve the apes, rather the humans battle each other in a CGI BS fest. I was dissapointed in this movie. The second Ape movie was 1000 better in my opinion. The scene pictured above with 1000s of apes being led to battle never happens. Not a fan. Sorry.

kipsy2413 2017-11-21
I Wanna see it so bad! I already watched the trailers

NotALegend 2017-11-20
Great ending to a great series!

Cuttie1055 2017-11-14
Really good movie recommend it

Žužu 2017-11-13
Good movie

Denster_app_luver 2017-11-11
For the people who said they walked out of the theatre. You guys are so dumb.

RedeAdventures 2017-11-10
We will miss you Cesar, your ideals, thoughts, visions, words... only you’re the parcial one. Please without Cesar we won’t movies for this serie. It was perfect, but is it hard for me without him.

Crazyhyperperson 2017-11-10
I have watched all 3 of the Planet of the ape movies since 2011 ❤️ here it goes.... this was my least favorite.. why did you kill off Caesar and Blue eyes?!!!! WHO THE HELL NOW WILL TAKE OVER CAESARS PLACE?!!! It’s only been 6 years since Caesar came about and you want to kill him and his son off? The planet of the apes has been around since 1968.... Caesar was just getting started... and then you kill Blue Eyes off... he is so adorable... 😭😭😭😭😭😭 all 3 of these movies were really good but the first one was my favorite... because of the friendly relationship between man and ape 🙂❤️ (I’m a woman by the way) 😊 and why not have the little girl talk in this one? She could’ve became better friends with caesar... and there should’ve been more romance between Caesar and his wife... ❤️ in these.... now regardless Caesar has another son that can take over... Caesar died way to quickley.... please someone continue the planet of the apes movies!! And make Caesar’s youngest son a leader!!! or bring Caesar or Blue Eyes!! 🔫🦍❤️

A.k.A moon killer 2017-11-09
Terrible just terrible

gloukus 2017-11-09
Great effects, story was ridiculous and predictable. Boring and a silly ex-machina ending.

Barcelona de Guayaquil 2017-11-08
Es grato encontrar una película que considera los detalles de la trama y le da sentido, inclusive a la trama original que está por cumplir 50 años. TOTALMENTE recomendada.

rattlhed 2017-11-07
War, really, war? There is no war, this movie is a slow burner trying to make you relate to the apes and their struggle to survive a war that you never get to see. If they wouldn't have marketed this movie as an action war movie (which is should have been given the set up of the last two movies and how great they were) I might be Ok with it. But when a movie's trailers all point to this great finale war movie and what you get is a slow, dialog ridden, attempt-at-tear-jerking movie then it's a HUGE let down. I've never been so disapointed in a trillogy conclusion in a long time, maybe ever considering how much I enjoyed the first two movies in this series. I do not recommend seeing this at all.

Rezapingotaurio 2017-11-05
music, casting, photography, everything outstanding

Bobbyvv222 2017-11-04
One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.

Knew & Used 2017-11-04
thanx for a nice evening spent at the movies