(Romance) In the Digital Age
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When the video of a once-famous emo band performing impromptu karaoke goes viral, a door opens for

When the video of a once-famous emo band performing impromptu karaoke goes viral, a door opens for the possibility of a reunion the day of the guitarist’s Christmastime wedding.

User Reviews
JeffOnIce 2018-01-21
A super fun movie, characters you laugh with and care about, and a rad soundtrack that will make you wish all your fav bands who have gone on hiatus come back!

MeghanRhea 2018-01-15
When I saw that LOLO was in this movie, I got so excited! Love the soundtrack too!

hrc1011 2018-01-15
I was led to watch this movie mainly because I’m a huge fan of Lauren’s music. I was really surprised by how good it was. I 100% recommend it and will definitely watch it again in the near future.

broughtb 2018-01-14
This film is pretty good with a great soundtrack. I went in knowing nothing about it and recommend you do the same. While I felt the story was fairly predictable, it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of it. This would make a great choice to watch with a partner or significant other.

Brooklyn221b 2018-01-14
This was a cute little indie film, based heavily around old friendships and music. It’s shot and comes across as an outsider’s look into a Christmas wedding, and all the awkwardness that comes with it. The actors do a good job coming across as camera-friendly and un-professional, which adds to the believability. The main grab of the film is including technology into everyday conversation — sometimes it comes across naturally, and other times it feels like a cheap joke on a YouTube video. If you’re looking for a (very) modern romantic comedy film, look no further!

leala7242 2018-01-14
I really enjoyed this! I felt it was cute and a lot of the friendships/relationships/events were very relatable. It has easily become one of my go to movies. The music was a great addition, too. I usually like movies with music in the storyline and this one was well done. I’m glad I heard about it through Enjoy the Ride Records!

Scar63 2018-01-14
Great movie, better than expected. Really enjoyed watching it looking forward to Curt Hawkins doing more movies in the future!

Detroit222 2018-01-13
This movie was fun to watch! The story follows a former hit Emo band that debates reuniting to play a festival after gathering at a wedding. The movie is filmed from the videographers viewpoint, mostly (for the wedding party) as they document all the antics. Though goofy at times...I enjoyed the relevant story line of musical successes today as they deal with popularity and disappearance from notoriety due to social media and this digital world.