Action Point
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Jackass star, Johnny Knoxville, wants to take you on the most insane comedy thrill ride of your life

Jackass star, Johnny Knoxville, wants to take you on the most insane comedy thrill ride of your life. Knoxville is D.C., proud proprietor of Action Point, an out-of-control amusement park where the rides are designed with minimum safety for maximum fun. When a slimy developer schemes to shut down the park, D.C. and his loony crew of misfits must risk everything and pull out all the stops to save Action Point. Crammed with jaw-dropping gags, bone-crushing stunts and a beer-slurping bear, get ready to laugh ‘til it hurts.

User Reviews
Hello&$$ 2019-07-11
I loved this movie

rockq2 2019-03-01
It's time for Johnny Knoxville to rethink his career. An old man inflincting pain on himself for laughs just ain't funny.

Ryi1988 2019-01-05
This is a good movie. If you are a Jackass fan then you would like this. It has a storyline to it. Not just stunts. The story was good. It was a good movie.

Joe9802 2018-11-14

Trying it against 2018-09-26
I ejoyed the idea of a no hold bar park. It is scary and exciting at the same time. Would have loved that as a kid.

dpb11201 2018-09-09
if you like jackass and bad grandpa youll love this. dont really know who else its for though

pholly 2018-08-28
I definitely wouldn’t call it a good movie but it wasn’t as bad as most reviewers say, it’s something I would recommend waiting to see on Netflix in a month instead of buying or renting it.

Striker2110 2018-08-28
Who paid for this? Knoxville? If you want to do stunts on film, just do another Jackass. The plot was a good one, they just didn’t execute it in the right way. The stunts felt thrown together and overly staged. The best part of watching Knoxville and his group has always been the organic vibe they give out and their friendship. You can feel it when Knoxville and Pontius are on screen together, but it gets ruined with the script and a lot of bad writing.

Dafinator 2018-08-27
Wow! This is the worst movie of all time!! Be warned- skip this crap, I wish I had. Couldn’t watch more than 30 minutes, had to turn off- , your welcome!!

iBryanB 2018-08-25
Laughed a tiny bit, just once.

Rough Detective 2018-08-23
I was optimistic going into this film that, while it would be light in story, it would be rewarding in the Jackass style stunts that popularized the top-billed actors in Action Point. Instead, you get to see the burnt out remains of some of the Jackass guys who are neither endearing, humorous, or propelled through any kind of original or entertaining story. The father-daughter conflict is there as an attempt to make the film feel sentimental, but it’s very thin and highly presumed, as are the “charms” of the main characters in the films attempt to force you to ha e a shred of empathy of their situation. This, at best, is a first draft script taped together by sparse amounts of stunts and preconceived characters that I ended up rooting against. Goodbye my $5, if this is what I wasted you on, I didn’t deserve you in the first place.

EpicCartoon 2018-08-21

Surfed 2018-08-20
It’s stupid, but it’s supposed to be. Quit being a wanker and enjoy it for what it is. You don’t watch a movie like this to stimulate the brain, you watch it to turn your brain off.

Fasterthanyou77 2018-08-20
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EvilRyu78 2018-08-16
As a huge jackass fan I was so disappointed when I saw this in the theater. Johnny’s character comes off as mean spirited some times and the set ups to all of the stunts are either the same (just mean) or done in a way as to not add anything to the characters or story which would be ok if they didn’t try to make a story out of some stunts where Johnny just hurts himself. I didn’t laugh once and I wanted so badly just to walk out of the movie. It was just boring and mean. This is definitely not jackass or bad grandpa. Sorry Johnny this movie was just garbage.

Dps1216 2018-08-14
this move is very funny and great at showing the time of the past also the movie could have had more falls but ive always loved these types of movies!!!

wwe_raw2015 2018-08-14
Love this Movie So Much! Its The Some As Jackass...

sassmastersatan 2018-08-09
I felt like a jackass paying to watch this movie. One of (if not) the worst movies of the year.

demas1996 2018-07-16
The plot is thin, but that’s not why we came to watch it. We came for the stupid stunts. Fun summer watch.