Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard
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The world’s most lethal odd couple – bodyguard Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) and hit man Darius

The world’s most lethal odd couple – bodyguard Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) and hit man Darius Kincaid (Samuel L. Jackson) – are back. Still unlicensed, Bryce is forced into action by Darius’s wife, the infamous international con artist Sonia Kincaid (Salma Hayek). As Bryce is driven over the edge by the volatile spouses, the trio get in over their heads in a global plot and soon find that they are all that stand between Europe and a vengeful and powerful madman (Antonio Banderas). Joining in the fun and deadly mayhem is Morgan Freeman as…well, you’ll have to see.

User Reviews
Langy98 2022-05-15
Part two had to be better then the first with the guys wife involved and the constant swearing they do with the jokes makes me laugh so much and hearing salma swear in her native tongue makes it more funny and just love this movie more then ever saw it in theaters three times and bought it the day it came out on dvd and love it

maverick6954 2021-11-13
Sad to see this is one of the very few films I’ve ever walked out of in cinemas. There is 5 minutes of plot, everything is forced, the writing is cheesy and the SFX are laughable for this day and age. It’s very clear early on that all the actors signed on to this knowing it was an easy payday with little effort needed

Mr. @ Brown... 2021-11-13
Yep, save your money. Don’t watch with your mom… really

Metooyoutootoo 2021-10-16
Maybe I am the odd person out of this but I went there not expecting a lot. It was just a fun movie and Selma was awesome

Stuntzl Lady 2021-10-05
Worse movie I have started to watch in a while. If you like screaming you will love it, I personally don't. Wish the option for 0 stars was available.

titauu 2021-10-02
Very very good

Scorp10nX 2021-09-26
It's awful.

Mayenyen527 2021-09-22
I actually liked the movie! Not as entertaining as the first but still is entertaining. I could see why others hated it. But what exactly do you expect? The first part showed how potty mouthed everyone in the movie was. You expect a difference in the second one?

utftuftfhgfhgfkhgf 2021-09-21
Come on you all - it was good and not just because of Salma

ptrkfav 2021-09-20
Embarrasing to all the actors to say the least. Clearly a money grab for each. This is just another dumb and dumber.

IceSoldier16 2021-09-12
The sequel has delivered to my expectations with great action sequences and funnier jokes and humors including comedic scenes that carry the movie of what it is. So overall the movie was great and entertaining to watch and I had a lot of fun watching it.

Almoallim 2021-09-09
Amazing humor the comedy the action is smooth money well spent

democrats are morons 2021-09-07
MF this MF that. Famous actors and their last gasp of fame means they literally tolerated this crap. No script just curse words hoping that could carry the day. TERRIBLE! Turned it off prior to the end for good reason.

Broken Hero 2021-09-05
It was ok but played a lot on the same jokes as the first one. Will say this though probably would only rent this. Just wasn’t as good as the first one

Sac319 2021-09-04
Movie was terrible I was just annoyed the whole time watching this movie. Just terrible acting!

Buckeye Grammy 2021-09-04
When F-bombs are occasionally used within the context of the dialogue in a movie, I’m okay with it. When every third word (yes, that’s somewhat of an exaggeration) is F***, just because you can say it, shows a serious lack in ability to write an intelligent script. Sure wasn’t worth the rental fee.

Howzor 2021-09-03
We turned it off... don’t waste your time on this movie....

LeonJon 2021-08-31
Hayek is Lucile Ball reincarnated. She is hilarious in this movie. She takes every one of the male species’ lusts and throws them back in our face with a hilarity that only she could do. Fun movie to watch.

Pinkylit 2021-08-31
This was a fun over-the-top movie to watch with friends.

EtienneAs 2021-08-30
They should really make more movies like that, easy viewing, action and Salma Hayek boobs.

wieyehebauqjsveueh 2021-08-27
I can’t really comment on the quality of the movie because the download itself won’t play properly. Keeps freezing and no volume. Never had that happen before and it is not a buffering issue.

MaddogSquid 2021-08-26
Bad writing, disinterested cast, lame jokes. The constant cursing was funny the first minute and it just got played out over and over. Boring.

mafizdA 2021-08-25
No sound on the video if playin on tv. Please fix!

been watching 2021-08-25
four rottens for $19.99,must be price gouging.

mjbm23 2021-08-24
its great, its what it is were you expecting it would be nominated? movies also just entertain for a while, we are not the academy

ZachB.00 2021-08-24
Don’t waste your money.

Chrismas Face Book 2021-08-23
It sad that they have to bow down to China to make this movie! Traders to America. I used to buy every single movie from all these actors! Now I won’t even rent!!!

drasw 2021-08-22

DrewNWA 2021-08-20
Absolute worst movie I’ve ever seen. I want a refund

mutels 2021-08-19
I had a good time watching it; although, I wanted to stop many times because of the outrageous story plot.

Dodie T6 2021-08-19

csmusicpro 2021-08-19
The first movie had mixed reviews but I loved it. This installment tried to keep you on the edge of you seat, instead left me wondering who wrote/edited it? This movie was terrible and hard to follow. ALLSTAR CAST, terrible movie

Badboyei 2021-08-19
It’s was funny and had a lot of action.

naid18 2021-08-17
That’s why I don’t read reviews ………it was funny from begging to the end……I enjoy that u can watch a movie from home……… funny!!!!!

bazookaboi 2021-08-15
I really didn’t see the point of the first one and so continued with the second. Really poor acting and punch lines. I recommend waiting till it’s on a premium movie channel

991tts 2021-08-14
Did you like Deadpool? Well…this is basically a less sci-fi ish version of it. Very good and funny sequel.

4saken55 2021-08-12
Excessive silliness and rampant ridiculousness reduced this movie to a steaming pile.

Stephany Burgos 2021-08-12
Love the cast

Berkeley Rooster 2021-08-10
Price is too high, so I won't be looking at it.

FridayMovieMan 2021-08-06
Underwhelmed. Just watch the first one and never ever watch this one or you will be dissatisfied.

winexz 2021-08-06
This seems like someone had one or two cool scenes, got to the set and just kept throwing things in. The actors doing their thing (Jackson swears, Hayek bounces and swears, Reynolds is Reynolds, Freeman speaks) do not save the movie. The basic plot is fine but they add so much extra nothing, such as an American FBI agent in Europe who is just an ugly American alpha male stereotype. I do not know how this movie got made. This is a B-movie with A list actors. The type of movie you would think was made to laundry money.

Reviewmasta1 2021-08-04
This is a very bad movie. Arguably worst movie of Samuel L. Jackson – one of my favorite actors. Ryan Reynolds is playing exactly like he does in any movies nowadays, like he is on medication and accidentally took a wrong dose. Humor is not funny; action scenes have no action. Dramatical moments are cringeworthy and acting made me want to gouge my eyes out. I can’t believe it’s the same Salma Hayek that I saw in From Duck till Dawn or Frida… There should be better ways to make money. Make yourself a huge favor and do not watch this.

Musachi6900 2021-08-03
Perhaps the worst sequel in the history of film. Nobody is used properly and the entire story is weak. Salma is basically cursing the entire movie and nothing more. SLJ is just giving looks. Ryan just whines the whole time. Antonio is an empty villain. Not his fault or anyone else’s fault. It was just a horribly written movie. Wait until it’s a 99cents rental to stream. Even then it’s a waste of time.

JDRWaco 2021-08-03
I felt like this movie started off pretty slowly and stayed slow for a while, but it ended well and was entertaining overall. I bought it as a part of a bundle and wanted both movies. I thought the first one was better, but my niece thought this one was better.

Anthin 2021-08-03
Where to start….. This movie was absolutely, and without question, HORRIBLE… The Hitman’s Bodyguard was so much better that’s the sequel is nothing short of an embarrassment. It’s not funny, the action sequences do not live up to first movie, the comedy is sub-par (at best) and the chemistry seems forced and not organic. The movie seemed rushed and poorly constructed. Thank God for fast forward…

75slickrick 2021-08-01
The movie was hilarious to watch. 1st movie was better but definitely a great sequel . Sit back and have a laugh.

Karla730831 2021-07-31
Love it

amandax345 2021-07-29
A very funny and crazy movie. Lots of action. Not to be taken too seriously. A lot of cursing.

TinoGlass 2021-07-29
I a movie addicting i buy a lot of movie and i what all on the same tv. This the only movie that audio NOT come out, i try the trailer of this movie and audio works try other just buy and audio work too. Can you verify Please and i don’t now if someone else have same problem.

Trademark Hero 2021-07-27
I wish I could give it zero stars. I love Ryan Reynolds, I love Sam Jackson. I did not laugh a single time during this movie. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.