No Hard Feelings
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Jennifer Lawrence produces and stars in No Hard Feelings, a laugh-out-loud, edgy comedy from Gene

Jennifer Lawrence produces and stars in No Hard Feelings, a laugh-out-loud, edgy comedy from Gene Stupnitsky (director Good Boys, co-writer of Bad Teacher). Maddie (Lawrence) thinks she’s found the answer to her financial troubles when she discovers an intriguing job listing: wealthy helicopter parents looking for someone to "date" their introverted 19-year-old son, Percy, and bring him out of his shell before he leaves for college. But awkward Percy proves to be more of a challenge than she expected, and time is running out. She has one summer to make him a man or lose it all.

User Reviews
Jucin 2023-11-14
Nothing on Jennifer Lawrence as she did her roll but wow the production and music choice was terrible and the kid was Horrible actor. What a fail

miami_rrr 2023-11-09
Very entertaining , fun and funny movie

Sadone55 2023-11-03
I’m not a fan of jennifer lawrence but I liked this movie regardless.

Josssqueen 2023-11-03
Just reverse the sex of the characters and tell me this isn’t weird.

sponge1000 2023-10-27
Loved it!! Funny movie

Jax,Fl 2023-10-23
It was not a movie that I would expect Jennifer Lawrence to make at this point in her career! She’s better than this. She should be looking for better parts than this!

True Review✍️ 2023-10-21
Not worth the rental

GOD’s child 1441 2023-10-19
Not going to lie I am highly disappointed in the movie I thought he was going to score her

blablablablabla987654321 2023-10-12
One of Jennifer’s best performances ever. She was obviously made to play the role for this film!

Aalijaa 2023-10-12
This film had many enjoyable layers without being overly pushy! Jlaw slayd. Side note, we aren’t all Christian’s and don't need censorship from life. Go watch veggie tales on repeat.

Blurryface21. 2023-10-11
This was such a good movie. The cameras were clear in every shot, and not one minute was boring.

cloudsurfer169 2023-10-06
Once you get past the slightly creepy, surface level premise, there is so much heart at the root of this film. We found it impossible not to submit to the leads’ performances and accept that the raunchy exterior is a sly bait-and-switch for a film about finding one’s self while overcoming deeply ingrained trauma.

bittygal123 2023-10-01
They always ruin it with sex scene of sort and vulgarity when it would be cute without it,they forget there’s Christians out here that want to see a cute movie.Hollywierd hasn’t made a decent movie since Gladiator or Titanic.

jaylon🥳 2023-10-01

arkemjk 2023-10-01
I was kinda surprised in the role Jennifer picked for this movie, but she def did a great job on this movie. it’s not serious. it’s entertaining. it’s hilarious. if you’re a teen or have a sense of humor, you will definitely enjoy the movie.

texasbball21 2023-09-30
Give it a shot.

trendingboys 2023-09-27
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Angelthebeat 2023-09-25
This movie is too funny for all ages and I really like how they cast the right movie good job

WikingDiv.1986 2023-09-25
I was only 20min min into the movie and had to turn it off. The acting was extremely forced. Everyone in this acts like emotionless robots no feelings even when they’re acting like they have feelings. Don’t waste your money on this

53 julimar 2023-09-23
We need more funny intelligent movies like this , great acting😉❤️

Wodehousesmodehouse 2023-09-23
This film made me think a few questions: Why do they make garbage like this? Do they really think this is how Millennials and Zoomers act? How could she go from Hunger games to this tripe? Where’s the refund button?

Dolphfan 2023-09-21
We loved it and Jennifer was great! It’s a great movie if you want a smile or a good laugh! Enjoy! 😂

Ferrari888889 2023-09-17
While the movie can be funny in parts it really is a boring predictable stript. Not worth a watch.

shmooth09 2023-09-16
Love it

karysa2020 2023-09-15
I saw this movie in theaters such a funny movie

AbcLamar123 2023-09-11
Good it was interesting

GabeSisneros 2023-09-11
The whole movie is hilarious. JLaw is back to show she has acting chops in all varieties of film. Very outrageous and very fun.

HowardFord001 2023-09-11
This movie was so hilarious I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time 5 stars

MovieLover3039 2023-09-11
Definitely worth renting.

Sam deer 2023-09-10
Funny and sweetish movie.

aderks 2023-09-10
Got about 1/3rd through and decided the themes were too inappropriate to continue. The basis of the story is a 32 year old woman exploiting a 19 year old boy with low maturity levels (maturity of a 15 year old). How would this movie have done if the genders were reversed? Aside from the questionable themes, the script is very forced and in your face.

shy4nn 2023-09-10
this was honestly such a fun watch and way better than i expected it to be!! it’s unserious and even a little cringy at times but, like, that’s the point?? my boyfriend and i both liked it a lot!

RandomOp 2023-09-09
Definitely had a good amount of funny and appealing parts. Was a good watch.

pnwmax 2023-09-09
Decent movie, some funny parts and good chemistry. A story of a person living below what they’re capable of and having a relationship that ends in a friendship and both moving on, with a cutaway driving off to California just like the end scene to Good Will Hunting.

&$@&:$: 2023-09-07
I give it a five star because Jennifer Lawrence is really sexy nude. She’s funny, cute and hot . Yet it’s a funny movie .

Roughridersv 2023-09-06
Good movie for escape.

Tony 2Toes 2023-09-06
You are pathetic

cooperhd53 2023-09-05
Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress, but this movie does not do her justice. The “plot” is terrible, this movie gives off an insane amount of creepy vibes.

Jesse1953 2023-09-04
I have really enjoyed Jennifer Lawrence previous movies, but this one just bit rocks. I didn’t even make it halfway through it and that was it. I read others enjoyed it, but I didn’t see the “funny” they did.

wannanoU2 2023-09-04
Such a waste of Jennifer’s talent. She should be making movies with A-listers. I kicked myself for renting this awful movie.

Pudge2483 2023-09-03
Went in with low expectations, and it was really good. One of the better comedies of that last few years. Story was meh but it had some great funny moments. Good film

MauTrevino 2023-09-03
A new storytelling that was very enjoyable

Laughing out loud literally 2023-09-02
It was a fun/cute movie. Glad I saw it.

Quik21 2023-09-01
I cringed throughout the entire movie.

MaxHammer7 2023-09-01
Welcome to the black age of Hollywood. How in God’s name did this get green lit. Jennifer Lawrence should be embarrassed. My 7 year old daughter would do a better job. Turned it off after 20 minutes

JOHNBUCK5521 2023-08-31
This movie is trash. Don’t glorify Child Grooming

JackSkelling 2023-08-31
This is a great movie!

tha Bat 2023-08-30
Really good story loved the actors was super funny woke up the next day and was smiling :)

billy the jid 2023-08-27
probably one of the worst movies for 23. i was looking forward to a good movie and this was a total waste of money. the kid in it was such a fruit it was hard to watch! I went to sleep 30 mutinying it. don't waste your money

Stehleballz 2023-08-26
Had some funny parts, nothing that will make me remember it.