Gran Turismo: Based on a True Story
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Gran Turismo is based on the unbelievable true story of a team of unlikely underdogs – a struggling working-class gamer (Archie Madekwe), a failed former racecar driver (David Harbour), and an idealistic motorsport executive (Orlando Bloom). Together, they risk it all to take on the most elite sport in the world. Gran Turismo is an inspiring, thrilling, and action-packed story that proves that nothing is impossible when you're fueled from within.

User Reviews
The Diplomatic 2023-11-30
I won't spoil anything, but there definitely is some creative license taken in some areas of Jann's timeline that are used for dramatic purposes. I think it is fine as long as people know it going into the movie that it isn't a pure historical telling, but has Jann's blessing. I watched this in the movie theater - it was superb. It's pretty good in 4K on the small screen too.

Blindguardian12 2023-11-27
I’m not into racing but this not only about racing. Good story between Harbour and the main character. Watched it three times.

lollgrace 2023-11-25
Thoroughly enjoyable with suspense and emotion.

johntothev 2023-11-21
Very impressed with the sound on this movie it was as if I was in the driver seat of the race car. Story was very inspirational! Also David Harbour is great!

tucker303 2023-11-18
Watched this 11/18/23 - best movie I’ve seen in months Worth renting Very impressed for Saturday night

ThePengfulTruth 2023-11-15
Watch it if you are a fan of the game. Don’t watch it if you are a fan of actual racing because nothing about the racing feels realistic.

Reveresrider 2023-11-13
This movie will steer you to the edge, speed up your heart rate. Great action and effects but also fine acting. Two wheels up.

Gamer-b 2023-11-07
Better then fast and the furious

3339409 2023-11-06
white washed.

Blegg01 2023-11-02
I wasn’t sure if it was going to be any good or not but it didn’t disappoint! It told the story well and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

HPDE user 2023-10-23
Great movie; glad I purchased this one!

DeAngelo Dean 2023-10-20

Facoriolano 2023-10-16
yeah!!! Platinum

Irishfella 2023-10-13
This has all the feel of a nostalgic against the odds feel good rocky movie yet for younger adults to believe in their dreams so for that reason it’s a good happy movie but what make it absolutely a must watch and brilliant is the true story and facts. Completely recommend for anyone. Awesome movie.

Vol4life999 2023-10-10
Watched with my 17 year olds son. We both thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

yoda7 2023-10-06
The content of this film meets all the criteria for an epic tale; the hero’s journey of belief, self-doubt to self-realization, and fulfillment of one’s goal are required for a classic piece of film. This is a tale to remember and inspire the new generation of believers. Thank you!

snoop dogg fan bro 2023-10-06
I have the game and this movie was really good i had a blast 😎😂10000/10

Elibrando 2023-10-04
I did not go in with high hopes for this movie as most other gaming inspired movies have fallen short of the marker, but this movie stands on its own, paying true homage to Gran Turismo. The story itself is truly inspiring for those of us who enjoy racing games and aspire to be the best in it. Also David Harbour stole the show and gave the movie something it truly needed. Great Movie overall

alexluna2002 2023-10-04
This film is on a complete league of its own, this movie along with Mario Bros movie brings game movie genre to a different level, this movie keeps you wanting more, highly recommend it👍🏼

First bank account 2023-10-03
This movie was great from start to finish . Definitely worth the buy . I’m sure I’m gonna watch it at least a few more times !!

Serious the Kat.. 2023-10-02
Never played game but the movie works well. The racing sequences and video game perspectives keep the tension going. Plenty of action and interesting storyline…

Mrs.Cakepop 2023-10-01
Actually a really good movie

LT Stormchasen 2023-09-29
Inspiring story and incredible camera work by the team.

joshklug 2023-09-29
Awesome theater last month in theaters :)

half_jack312 2023-09-29
and all they got was this garbage film to show for it

الحُر محمد 2023-09-28
رهيب رهيب بشكل فضيع

Movie took me back to 97-98 when GT was life. Great movie!! Will definitely watch more than once.

trendingboys 2023-09-27
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ColorfulBLVCK 2023-09-26
This is a highly enjoyable movie!!!! Never trust ratings from Rotten 🍅

DjMYRiCK 2023-09-26
Had heart! Great feel good story of success! So solid to see a video game come through the lens like this.

super__al 2023-09-26

Noah Bustos 2023-09-20
It has some heartwarming moments with the father and son relationship which I found that to have me in tears. The racing scenes were awesome. And although it has some funny moments, the movie stays true to what really happened. The race cars look really cool as well. And yes, I did play Gran Turismo a couple of times and I liked it as well. Overall, greatest movie based on the video game and greatest movie based on a true story.

Strummer8907 2023-09-09
The trailers do not do this movie justice. The cinematography is absolutely breathtaking and puts you in the seat with the drivers! The story of Jann is inspiring and keeps you on the edge of your seat at all times. Let’s not forget to mention the sound design of this movie either. You really hear these cars ROAR!

Everman1984 2023-09-07
Me and my boys went to see it and it was amazing. Especially if you played the games. Also a great story. Great acting. Wild racing scenes. It was amazing. I plan to own it

Nova_zx1 2023-09-04

omarr0824 2023-09-04
A film that’s unexpectedly phenomenal! It’s more than just a racing movie and definitely will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Wera6514 2023-09-03
I love this movie ! This movie is going to catch you for sure!

AA-ron Hinojosa 😂 2023-08-31
Very good movie 🏎️

Love so Big 2023-08-30
This Movie caught me off guard! It is very Underrated! I Loved this Movie better than Ford vs Ferrari! It’s a must Watch and I will buy it but I may wait to get it for $9.99. I will buy Oppenheimer for full price as soon as it’s available for Preorder

iBryanB 2023-08-29
Really enjoyed this one! Had a great story and the racing was cool.

Brandon Whitmore 2023-08-28
Love watching this amazing movie. It was so good. The story of it was amazing.

amandax345 2023-08-27
Really good movie but blaming Jann for the death is not right

Tony9pins 2023-08-27
Just got back from watching this, definitely one to see on the big screen. Visually stunning, sound was amazing and the acting was surprisingly really good. Went in not expecting much from this movie, but I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. They did a great job with this, definitely worth a watch.

Brcrossman 2023-08-26
A must watch!

Tubznyhc 2023-08-26
This movie was AWESOME! Great story, great character development and everything builds to something with a payoff. Definitely surprised at how good this was highly recommended

BigBaum 2023-08-25
I have played the game, so I knew some of the history. I had no idea this had even happened in real life and the true story is most likely one to research. The movie however starts off a bit slow and doesn’t really give you much back story to the characters as they’re introduced. However it’s easy to pick up and you do become invested in the lead. I have to say without David Harbour this move may have not been good at all! Overall I loved the film and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys racing!