A Civil Action
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Jan Schlichtmann is a cynical, high-priced personal injury attorney who only takes big-money cases he can safely settle out of court. Though his latest case at first appears straightforward, Schlichtmann soon becomes entangled in an epic legal battle ... one where he's willing to put his career, reputation, and all that he owns on the line for the rights of his clients! Also featuring Robert Duvall, William H. Macy, and John Lithgow -- this gripping, widely acclaimed hit delivers edge-of-your-seat entertainment!

User Reviews
Down for the ads 2017-06-26
Good writing, good acting, good story!

Jemmy M 2017-03-12
This is one of the best movies ever made. John Travolta is outstanding, as is the entire cast. I highly recommend this movie.

taliadylan 2009-02-25
Very Good movie! I watched it in Science class this year! Its a must see!

onsitewelding_2003 2008-07-22
Yes folks I am from Woburn Ma. Yes this realy happened. John Travolta ( aka Vinny Boberino) was true to character. Great and acurat portrayal of the real events.

Depelated 2008-05-30
I have to say I enjoyed the legal aspect of the movie revolving around the concept of corporate litigation, however, when you get to the ending of the movie, you will be somewhat appalled by the outcome. Also, this movie is enjoyable from the standpoint of a realist and shows how lawsuits emerge and the processes and implications involved with them. NOT a courtroom drama by far if you ask me, more of a movie that educates. So rent the movie before purchasing if it tunes into your taste and I'll tell you now, the ending isn't such a blast. Very realistic.

wkrill 2008-03-02
Skip the movie READ THE BOOK!!! this from somerone who hates to read!!!!!

Thom-Yorke 2008-01-22
ON HOW CLOSE THEY ARE TO THE BOOK!!....Seriously people, stop. I didn't give it four or five stars because I didn't think it was particularly amazing. I also didn't think it deserved one star just because it wasn't like the book. RATE THE MOVIE!....It was a movie well worth watching with good acting and an interesting plotline....that's it, worth watching...there, a real review!

steveb99 2007-10-23
This is one of my favorite movies of all time, and I don't really care for lawyers or Travolta. There are great performances from Travolta, Macy, Duvall, Quinlan, Hedaya and some guy named Gandolfini. But what really makes it for me is the inspirational commitment of Mr. Schlichtmann to live up to his word. I can believe the book is better, but aren't they always? This is easy to watch and a nice reminder of what some people will sacrifice for justice.

sleano 2007-09-15
I absolutely loved the book and hated the movie. The movie is a very sad representation of the book. While it contains an all star cast, the script misses some of the huge aspects of the book. Specifically, the movie left out a huge portion of the story, a major character, and rewrote the ending. Don't waste your money on the movie. Go buy the book. I promise you will love it.

theatrechique121 2007-02-06
This movie was pretty good, I <3 John Travolta

Froika 2006-12-28
I was three years old and living in Arkansas in 1974. Needless to say I had never heard of the Woburn incident until I watched this film. It's unfortunate that the previous reviewer was offended by the portrayal of her community, but the movie is no less relevant for it. This is the story of a collision between personal tragedy and the harsh reality of the practice of law. Though it shouldn't matter in the least, the irony is that more people might have been outraged if the community had seemed more affluent - an issue addressed in the film. A Civil Action is a must see if you are concerned at all for her suffering.

vudicarus 2006-09-12
Travolta plays a sensitive role in a movie that will please your intelligence. Ebert calls the movie "Grisham for grownups".