The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)
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Thrill-seeking billionaire Thomas Crown (Brosnan) loves nothing more than courting disaster and winning! So when his world becomes too stiflingly safe, he pulls off his boldest stunt ever: stealing a priceless painting in broad daylight from one of Manhattan's most heavily guarded museums. But his post-heist excitement soon pales beside an even greater challenge: Catherine Banning (Russo). A beautiful insurance investigator hired to retrieve the artwork, Catherine's every bit as intelligent, cunning and hungry for adventure as he is. And just when Thomas realizes he's finally met his match, she skillfully leads him into a daring game of cat and mouse that's more intoxicating and dangerous than anything either of them has ever experienced before!

User Reviews
grrrrrezy 2022-10-06
Very good

Furutan1 2021-05-10
Some of this is hard to watch, such as Russo's catterwalling in the glider. Definitely not as cool as McQueen and Dunaway. And there was odd stuff - such as the garter (what was that for?).

zidane2015 2020-05-11
Once again, the critics missed the boat on this one. The slickest heist movie of its generation, by a mile, everyone is at the top of their game, and the third act is an exercise in perfection.

GlennBond 2019-11-25
Love this movie. Well cast. Great direction/writing. Love the twists in the story. All around a great movie.

Meshacksmom 2019-08-14
I saw the trailer, that’s enough for me! Maybe if it was a free movie I might watch it, but to pay, NO WAY JOS’E.

Frak! 2018-11-27
Better than the original!

Awe Heal 2016-12-10
A truly clever remake of a classic. The love/hate chemistry between Russo and Brosnan is always on. The cinematography is brilliant. The music is fantastically jazzy. And of course, the dancing is eye-candy. Fun Fact: Russo wore her dancing gown to the Oscars. There is a plethora of great trivia about this movie on IMDB. Highly recommend this movie.

MyWifeIsAmazing 2013-07-14
a movie FILLED with beautiful people, places, art, architecture etc… AND NO HIGH DEF VERSION AVAILABLE??? c'mon iTunes, seriously...

Levi.Davis 2013-03-14
My wife and I love this movie and have rented in the past from local movie house. Decided to purchase it and get it permanently on our iTunes and Apple TVs. We purchased this last night and watched it. Again, we love the movie, but it seems that this one is not as HD as we have rented in the past.. So this rating is NOT for the movie itself, but for the quality of iTunes copy. We rate the movie as a 5+, but will back this off to a 3. I hope that if this movie was to be reimported, it would be of higher quality.

RobMorris9 2012-10-13
Still a great film for adults after 10 years

Cych 2012-05-20
The original disappeared from iTunes for a while. When it returned, it had been badly cropped by 21st Century Victorians who are still afraid to see skin below the neck, and who apparently work for iTunes.

Big Billy T 2012-02-25
I often tell my wife "I wish I was Thomas Crown"! She then says, "So do I". Ha-Ha. It's such a great movie. With all the toys, good looking people and a well directed film, it will always be in my top 10. I feel Pierce does a even better TC than Steve McQueen did. I can watch this every six months and not tire of it.

sbmm 2012-02-21
Great movie. My number one movie of all time. Can't get tired of watching it.

TWhite80 2011-08-07
When I first saw this movie I was inspired by its sophistication. Not that it was written, acted, or directed better than all other movies, but there was an inspiring combination of all three that made this movie an instant classic in my book. The absurdly wealthy are always played as the bad guy or as out of touch, but this movie turns that on its head by showing someone who has everything but everything is never quite enough.

Vincent Christiansen 2011-06-06
I love this movie!! This is my favorit. I't smart/vitty/fresh/different and classy!

Graysonip 2011-05-12
I've watched this movie for years. Never tire of it. Very smartly acted, intriguing story line, and very sexy interaction between main characters. Highly recommend!

Lola1976 2010-11-17
I can't help watching this movie over and over.

turlie 2010-08-29
This version is far superior than the original. Better acting and visual more pleasing. Plus I would take Russo over Faye Dunaway anyday!

Kiki1788 2010-07-20
One of the best movies of all times. I love the elegance of Pierce and Rene they are great together. You would definitely not be bored by it!

mind-shifter 2010-06-08
This is the dumbest movie ever. No suspense, stupid dialogue, drags on and on with useless filler...omg, If you are thinking of renting it, please....don't.

karmiep 2010-03-21
I've always loved this movie. It's hot, funny, romantic. You will truely enjoy but, I'm unsure why iTunes would put it under " Thriller" catagory.... Ding bats!!!

speakyourpeace28 2009-12-19
This movie is BEASTIN! I loveeee it! Rene and peirce are on top of the world with this movie!its so clever and challenging!

David Walker's Appeal 2009-12-11
This remake has beautiful cinematography, a great soundtrack & an increadibly well put together cast that works well with this version of the original story. This remake of The Thomas Crowne Affair has a swanky swagger that can not be easily duplicated.

SiriSantKhalsa1080 2009-08-27
One of the best of all time. How a man and woman can really enjoy love and the challenges of living life together and how important it is to trust!

Viewer839200 2009-04-22
This movie was fairly entertaining. I did not like the leading female character, however, I felt her role was rough and not believable.

LonghornMommy 2009-04-08
This is a fabulously entertaining movie. Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo did a fantastic job in keeping the suspense going. Thomas Crown is a mixture of Remington Steele, James Bond and Arsen Lupin. I highly recommend it as a date-night movie.

Lovelavish 2009-04-05
...but the original movie was better. Can't beat Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. Rent the original, it's worth it.

mel2877 2009-02-27
This movie has a great plot, scorching hot love scenes, some of the funniest lines, and music by the Dave Mathews Band. Need I say more?

sofa 7 2009-02-15
i love pierce brosnan so i love this movie you should see it if ur a fan

tantheman11 2009-01-16
Pierce Brosman doesnt have anything on Steve McQueen. A joke compared to the original. Yet another, horrible remake.

UnionJac8 2009-01-01
Pierce was a very strong James Bond, perhaps not quite as strong as Dan Craig yet still a lot of fun to watch. However he was born to play the character Thomas Crown. Pierce should secure the right to produce a series of T Crown adventures, This "Thinking mans Bond" is very entertaining escapism and would be a measure of justice for Pierce after his unceremonious dismisal from the Bond francise. TCA is a must see Brosnan vehicle . P.S. If you just cant get enough of this kind of fun try "After The Sunset" which is another solid suto-TCA caper flick.

anonymous DOG 2008-09-02
Rene Russo is one of the most attractive mature women out there, her role was top notch......As for Mr. Brosnan, he did an amazing job portraying his character, he has that essence of a rich gentleman.

J Real 2008-04-17
Smart and Witty film that will not disappoint. Pierce Bronsman is excellent, and remains james bond throughout the movie. Breaks away from traditional romance, for a more exciting thriller that moves very quickly.

chapper3103 2008-03-29
This is a fast paced, exciting adventure, with a back drop of art, and style! Along with two main actors at the top of their game, and a great director you can't do better. A fantastic sound track, an engrossing story, take two hours and ride along with this five star classic; 'Thomas Crown'' you won't be disappointed!

onewebfoot 2008-03-27
An infinitely wealthy business tycoon pursues his greatest ambition – pitting himself in raw fashion against the system in multiple ways. His core motivation starts as artistic expression or appreciation by multiple definitions. Bring in the complications and vulnerability borne of love, conflicting agendas, and an intricate caper, and it’s a very enjoyable and clever remake of the McQueen/Dunaway classic. Hardcore Dunaway fans also should consider Chinatown and Three Days of the Condor for starters (likely known already).

kristinachi 2008-03-05
i was pretty disappointed. it wanted to be sexy, flashy and sophisticated, but bad editing and forced writing prevent it from ever coming to life. rene russo has a lovely naturalness to her, and pierce brosnan actually did something a little different here (he is usually so repetitive, i find), but still, i didn't sense any convincing chemistry between them. i also thought that she should have had a few more dance lessons before filming that dance scene, which clearly was intended to spark some fireworks but ultimately failed, in my opinion. overall, i feel like this movie tries hard but in the end has very little "wow" factor. it is watchable enough, however, not a bomb or anything.

Gryphon MacThoy 2008-02-29
Acting is good when personal relations are important. The story is believably twisty. I saw it in a theater when it opened in 1999 on a whim (nothing else looked good) and got a very pleasant surprise. BTW - I don't like chick-flicks. This isn't that kind of movie.

dlangh 2008-02-26
It's been years since I saw this movie, but I remember thoroughly enjoying it. I do remember the sex and nudity seemed a bit out of place (wasn't necessary for the movie and seemed like they just pushed it in for no real reason). That aside excellent movie which keeps you guessing till the end.

StayGreen 2008-02-09
Thomas Crown Affair was an amazing movie for guys and girls. It was sexy, classy, and a pleasure to watch. Rene Russo had a amazing performance it was passionate and easy to tell she put alot of work into it. The robbery scenes were extremely entertaing and Pierce was, well what he always is--amazing.

ava17 2008-01-21
I own this movie - it's wonderful to see it over and over again!

*Angie* 2007-09-08
This is a really great movie! I would consider it more of a suspense/thriller (though there's definetly romance!). Pierce is his ol charming sexy self. Rene's character is fabulous - classic femme fatale. Both stunning for their ages! The ending is one of the best twists in a movie I've seen in a long time. It all ties together perfectly. Highly reccomended!

L1011 2007-08-28
This movie is a personal favorite of mine and is one of the few remakes I feel is better than the original. The acting is fantastic, save for the somewhat annoying parts with Faye Dunaway (which is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5), the plot captures you from start to finish, and the soundtrack is amazing (Sinnerman is fantastic at the end and Caban la Ka Kratchie is perfect for the Martinique scenes). I could go on. It's a great movie!

sandlotshortstop 2007-08-23
This movie is a great movie for people that love Oceans Eleven and other spy thrillars. This movie has so many twists and turns and I recomend that children under the age of 12 should not watch it because of a few inapropreite scenes

FindTheTime80 2007-08-16
I have to say that I do enjoy this movie more than the original. Even though I am a bit of a Faye Dunaway fan. I think that the idea of stealing an Original Monet, just for the thrill.... speaks volumes more over a bored rich man who robs a bank... and thus the interaction between the Hunted and Huntress becomes a bit more.... artful... Not to mention Pierce Brosnan is very sexy in this film... If you recall the infamous "Chess Scene" in the Original Movie.... which was brilliantly played for its sensual enuendo... the same scene in this movie is much less enuendo.... But, the brilliant scene is the one right at the end, with the Man in the Boler Hat... well done.

kkachurak 2007-08-09
The Thomas Crown Affair is a smart film. Good writing, interesting story-line, and a twist "scratch-your-head" ending. But really, for 10 bucks, I want a film I want to watch over and over again. This just isn't that film. Hopefully movies like this will someday be enjoyed via some type of iTunes rental service. Until then, I will think twice (maybe 3x) before plunking down another 10 bucks for a film I'll only watch once.

qbprince23 2007-07-24
this movie is boring and for old people

DharmaLogos 2007-07-17
That alone is a perfect reason to buy this movie. It's also a really good movie that you can watch repeatedly.

TomUs 2007-06-26
John McTiernan mad a great movie! I loved this one! Brosnan and Russo play two charcters secretly hating each other but at the same time falling in love. Russo plays a detective trying to get the Monet back from Brosnan and is full of surprises. Like i said, BRAVO!!!

SirABU 2007-05-17
my number one film in my collection. a must purchase.

Devonair 2007-05-11
This movie is one of the better ones on itunes. It's a bit different from the original but updated in a snazzy way. The independent, sexy female lead is nice to see, especially since she's vulnerable too. And the strong macho male with a heart is played to perfection. The plot is twisted but who cares--we're too busy watching these two ignite the screen. Very enjoying.