My Chemical Romance: Life On the Murder Scene - Video Diary
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Life On The Murder Scene offers an in-depth, extensive video diary, featuring band interviews and

Life On The Murder Scene offers an in-depth, extensive video diary, featuring band interviews and behind-the-scenes commentary.

User Reviews
Sophialaralarios 2024-03-30
I watch this every single road trip I go on and I love it I <3 mcr

depressedemogirl 2021-01-04
It’s amazing I saw it before in 2010 so yeah

Igxigxigxigxigx 2018-05-06
An essential for anyone getting into MCR, anyone who loves MCR, or anyone who’s interested in the people behind the band and the inspiration for what they did. It provides a nostalgic look into the band’s brink of superstardom, and is as raw and real as the guys themselves. Keep Running!

GamerGlam45 2018-04-28
You will NOT be disappointed. Crazy value and amazing content. Any MCR fan has to agree.

flower.princess 2018-03-24
This is amazing they r the coolest band I’ve ever listened to

XXfrerardisrealXXD6969420 2017-10-20
I laughed. I cried. I saw 10 million fireflies. I luh MCR so mush go buy all their merch RIGHT NOW!!!1!!1

Neescat 2017-09-25
It's amazing but the fact that it came out a year after the break up almost made me cry

WillsteeZy86 2016-09-25
I have the physical copy and it's amazing

X_janethekiller_X 2016-04-04
I CRI, but it is radical seeing the smol beans and hearing what they have to say about their experiences and music.

bdahskkehdgjdkdjhdvbdlsjh 2016-01-10
best documentary out there strongly recommend

Agjsfsyd 2015-03-25

TomatoTomatoTomato 2015-03-12
FIRST OF ALL, ouch... just watching the trailer makes me burst into hysterical sobbing but otherwise this is amazing!!

Horse kid 2015-02-18
Even though MCR is not a band anymore this was a awesome movie I love them so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maddolmuffin 2014-12-21

Vanessa All-Star 2014-12-07
It makes me sad to see Gee go through all of this...and what all the band went through. Killjoys will remember that Gerard wasn't supposed to live past 30. But look at him now, 37 and gay as ever with aliens and crap. We will remember the amazing band. 2001-infinity

Shaima_Dubai 2014-11-05
So I LOVE this video diary about MCR, it's just so emotional, fun, and inspiering to be honest. However, I can't buy it? Only rent it, why?

LuckyDucklingg654 2012-02-18
THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!! BUY IT!!! "it's ok to be messed up because there are 5 guys just as messed up as you are" --Gerard Way <3<3<3 BUY IT!!!!

ezemko 2012-02-07
wowwowwowwowwowwoww!!!!!! best movie ever and I never get bored of it!!! BUY BUY BUY!!! :)

Annabeth6 2012-01-07
I love this movie! I've watched it about twenty times and it never gets boring. I totally LOVE My Chem and Frankie is my favorite! I know every word to every song and I've seen then live quite a few times. This movie is great and if you don't have it, GET IT! NOW!!

jessica a 2011-12-16
best band ever mcr and greenday rock :)

ke$ha fan123 2011-12-05
I absolutely love my chemical romance and they truly did save my life. When hearing Gerard talk about it being ok to be messed up I didn't feel alone anymore. The whole band is inspiring and they're what gets me through the day<33

Colin Gallagher 2011-11-04

Idkminame66 2011-10-31
Okay where do I start?!? I love mcr And paramore the most!!! Much love <3

McLean777 2011-09-25
My Chemical Romance IS (no doubt about it) one of the best punk rock/alternative bands. They're got style, they've got awesome band members, they've got the catchy songs and wonderful lyrics...they're overall VERY VERY GOOD. All this crap about people calling them "emo band" or anything is total crap...MCR can be both cheerful and rebellious and at the same time, depressing. Just look at the difference between "I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love" and "Danger Days"....'nuff said. This movie is wonderful for any phsyco-fans who want to know more, or be able to see this funny band behind the scenes. In other words, BUY IT!!! "EASY PEASY PUMPKIN PEASY PUMPKIN PIE **********!!!!"

CupcakeQueen#1 2011-09-04
i just spent the last of $ on Elton John- Rocket Man!!!! DANG IT!!!!!! This band really saved my life from falling into pieces. Im always getting yelled@ 4 listening to music instead of homework or anything else. music comes first in my life and it should to everyone else! :) I LOVE U MCR!!!! as soon as i get my $50 gift card im going to buy all the rest of ur albums and movies!!! I LOVE U!!!

MyChemObsession 2011-09-01
The best movie ever! Love how it goes into the lives of the Mcr band members... Keep on rocking!!!

DallasAnaletto 2011-08-11
This is the best movie ever. By the way it's 8/11. Today Gerard way is 7 years sober. <3

Brittney295 2011-08-09
As soon as I get more money I'm buying this :) mcr saved my life and still is today :) can't wait to see them live <3

PancakeCoco 2011-07-12
I love them! They're amazing people and inspire me so much. And of course, their music blows me away. It's great to see how passionate they are about everything they do. :)

rmgrif 2011-06-01
There could not be anything better but maybe a sequel this was great and amazing and showed the truth behind the band and how hard they worked!!!!

EmmaCapps 2011-04-28
This is amazing, this band has saved my life plenty of times. When ever I feel bad or less then, I watch this because the things they say just make me feel like it's worth living. (: MCRmy FOREVER!!

stinkyemi 2011-04-22
i watch it all the time! to see how they evolved from then to now is so amazing. mcr are my favorite band and will always be! they saved/ still saving my life! bullets, revenge, parade and danger days are ALL amazing and have all helped me in many ways! mcr forever! mcrmy forever!

Jocelyn M. Garcia 2011-04-20
You ARE aware that this isint 'fall out boy' but My Chemical Romance,right? And if you are,then why are you trolling here saying that you love fob when its clearly MCR?

A1590A1590 2011-03-28
WOAHHHH!!!! I killed soo many plants x] This is my #1 FAVORITE MOVIE EVER!!!! MCR are: creative, amazing musicians, life savers, artists, FUNNY, and nice in general! Its easy peasy pumpkin peasy pumpkin pie- well you know the rest =]

DieHard Obsessions 2011-03-23
The video is amazing. Don't be hesitant to buy it, it's totally worth it.. I've watched it atleast 3 times and can still watch it without being bored.

Best band in the world MCR 2011-01-19
I'm poor and I watched this before and I wanted to buy it on here but I couldn't and I just kept watching the preview and I was in my bed room and everyone in my house was sleeping and I wanted to scream cause I love them so much and I can't so just telling you people cause I'm board :D

Joe1223322 2011-01-15
They rockk

EffyV 2010-12-30
they're the best band ever !!! thy savef my lifee! MCR IS AWSOMEE !!

Bree123;) 2010-09-11
MCR is the reason I can get through having punks bag on me the whole day. They r SERIOUSLY theripy.They rok

Ahmed92MCR 2010-09-07
This simply amazing =' ]

Roxymcr 2010-07-21
I love them:)

Snapdragonnn 2010-06-30
THANK YOU ITUNES! they needed to put this on here! more proof to prove the MCR is spectacular. they saved my life, and gave me me more hope! any member of the MCRmy would totaly love this :) LONG LIVE MCR!!!

cooldude10 2010-05-01
This is the best documentery ever!!!!!!! I love mcr and this movie:) I'm sooo glad Gerard got clean!!!! He's so helpless and sad in here!!!!

Paulwoods 2010-03-25
Simply Great and MCR literally saved my life. GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME

Emoluver13 2010-03-19
Ok tooo much information!!! Lol

strongdude 2010-02-17

punker10897 2010-01-21
this is an epic and a MUST BUY

Laceration Gravity 2010-01-14
I just had a small heart attack. I NEED this. Plus it's cheaper than it is in stores. YAY for Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Ray, and Bob! Are you living life on the murder scene?

livvy13 2010-01-12
Jeez iTunes. It took ya long enough! Love it!

BuBbL3S<3 2010-01-10
Well, this is a really FANTASTIC band && yes i did buy this... I loved it... It was great to see all of there faces again!! LoL just one thing bout this... I LOVE IT!! lol :) love this i recomend to you to buy it :) Bye!!