My Sucky Teen Romance
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Highschoolers Kate and Allison are sick of girls their age swooning over sparkling vampires, and

Highschoolers Kate and Allison are sick of girls their age swooning over sparkling vampires, and this weekend at SpaceCON, they're determined to be swept off their feet by real men. Little do they know an actual bloodsucker has turned local grocery store clerks Paul and City into real-life vampires. And soon after Kate falls for a boy at the con, she's accidentally bitten and turned into one of the undead! Luckily for the love-struck Kate, Paul has fallen for her, too. With the help of her friends, this bunch will do anything they can to reverse the curse! With the weekend in full-gear and the body count quickly rising, this group of quirky misfits will need to track down SpaceCON's resident vampire expert, Ain't It Cool News' Harry Knowles to stake the bloodsucker and his minions and somehow avoid ordering any extra garlic pizza until things blow over! A wild ride through the world of geekdom - with smart, timely jabs at every facet of teen pop culture - MY SUCKY TEEN ROMANCE is the anti-Twilight; a darkly comic horror adventure for anyone who's ever been, known, or even seen an outcast. Teen writer and director Emily Hagins, best-known for her award-winning 2006 zombie film PATHOGEN, which was shot when she was only 12, takes a bite out of modern pop vampires in this hilarious, bloody tale that proves, once and for all, that teenage love totally sucks!

User Reviews
BadExampleMan 2012-09-17
I'm thrilled to see Emily Hagins continuing to grow as an artist. This movie is a fun parody of the vampire romance. The low budget occasionally shows, but never in a way that hurts the story. Likewise, it's obvious that most of the cast are amateurs but their performances, while occasionally uncertain are never stagy or forced. Pace and editing are the main things that Ms. Hagins needs to work on. Many of her shots, particularly reaction shots, linger a beat or six too long. I would be pleased to see someone countering the trend of increasingly frenetic MTV-style cutting, but too often there was nothing going on in those long shots. I look forward to watching Hagins' future projects.

musicguy182 2012-09-11
Writer/Director Emily Hagins continues to develop her visual style and her abilitly to tell a good story with her newest flick My Sucky Teen Romance. The sharp, funny script kept me engaged and the characters were well thought out. I really enjoyed the movie! There is a bright future in filmaking for Ms. Hagins and company.

emmawod 2012-09-07
This movie is so funny! It parodies the vampire romantic comedy genre that has become increasingly popular, while at the same time giving the viewer an entertaining and heartfelt story to follow. For such a young director, Emily Hagins tells her story very well. Definitely check it out, very entertaining!