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Jane Hayes’s (Keri Russell, TV’s “The Americans”) adoration of all things Jane Austen is

Jane Hayes’s (Keri Russell, TV’s “The Americans”) adoration of all things Jane Austen is complicating her love life: no real man can compare with the brooding and handsome character Mr. Darcy. Determined to be the heroine of her own story, Jane spends her life savings on a trip to Austenland, an eccentric resort in the English countryside where guests experience complete immersion in the Regency era. Armed with her bonnet, corset and needlepoint, Jane strives to avoid spinsterhood and meets two very different gentlemen… but has a difficult time determining where fantasy ends and real life—and maybe even love—begins. Jennifer Coolidge (Legally Blonde franchise), Jane Seymour (Wedding Crashers), JJ Feild (Captain America: The First Avenger) and Bret McKenzie (TV’s “The Flight of the Conchords”) also star in this charming romantic comedy based on the bestselling novel by Shannon Hale.

User Reviews
ninlizzle 2019-08-06
I absolutely adore this movie! My sister and I watched this while visiting London. It is a must see!

Kolsgm 2018-07-12
Love this movie!

The Boltons 2018-06-25
This movie is great but it’s even better with a pint of Rocky Road!

Aeryn2769 2018-06-02
Sure, it’s light, fluffy, and predictable...but I absolutely adore this movie!! Makes me smile every time I sit down to view it and sometimes that is exactly what I need.

Shadowluminaire 2017-12-20
I have watched this movie so many times now. This movie is a classic. It's funny and the set and costumes are beautiful. From the trailer it didn't seem like a good movie. If you like Jane Austen and ever wondered what it would like to live in the Regency Era, this movie is for you.

VeeGee* 2017-06-01
It's a lighthearted rom-com about every Jane Austen fan. Such a good movie and hilarious to boot!

Star*power 2017-01-24
If you like Jane Austen's stories, you'll like this modern day airy/fairy, twisty, cheesy, cornball, romcom version of P&P. Truth be told, it's a B rate chick-flick but near perfect for it's genre! So cute, LOL😍

Jillausten 2016-03-18
I would fantasize about that world. It was funny to see how ridiculous is was. I've watched more than one time. ;).

Hermione1424 2016-01-05
Absolutely loved this film-it's hilarious! ;) 2015-03-07
This was probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Nothing happened and it was very cheesy. The acting is really bad and I could not wait for it to be over.

Inja1148 2014-10-31
I am not sure if my standards are higher than others because I know the movie business (editing) or because I love Austen's few tales, but this film was awful. I couldn't even watch it all. The acting was wooden at best. The story arc was choppy and disjointed. The dialog was painful to endure and I WANTED to love this movie! I frequently blame bad editing on most film's early demise, but this one was doomed when they chose to release it as it is. Maybe a rewrite could have saved it. We'll never know. It had potential, it's too bad no one cared enough about it to raise it to fruition.

zeppelinmisfit 2014-09-01
I liked this movie immediately. In fact, after multiple viewings, I think I’d have to say that I love this movie! The most surprising thing about it? All of the bad reviews! My advice? Lighten up, people! Is it cheesy? Yes. Is it ridiculous? Yes? Is it hilarious? YES! It should be quite clear that not much of this movie is meant to be taken too seriously. That being said, I think it’s a much smarter film than anyone is willing to admit. It pokes fun at the perpetually perfect “happily ever after” ending ever-present in all of Austen’s novels, while at the same time acknowledging that the “happily ever after” ending is exactly what we want. And then it gives it to us. And it makes me cheesily and ridiculously and hilariously happy!

Sassypants101 2014-07-04
I love Jane Austin, and am by no means a purist. However, this was horrible—I could barely sit through it.

Izzy_fitzy 2014-06-10
This movie made my mom and I laugh so hard that we almost peed ourselves! It is so enjoyable for a true Austen fan! LOVED IT!

Vanity Crumbs 2014-04-18
Loved the book and was excited to see it made into a film. Good movie, not bad. Anything Jane Austen is good by me!

lollypopliz 2014-04-18
To the people who were not able to make it through the whole movie, they missed out on the best parts. It may start off like any old Austen novel, but the ending is a modern love tale that is worth it.

hello_chely 2014-03-31
I loved it! I was laughing and smilling throughout the whole movie. However, I don't understand why the rating from Rotten Tomatoes is so harsh... They say it's horrible but I see that the actual audience enjoyed it. Weird...

DeltaGirl09 2014-03-27
I'm a HUGE Jane Austen fan, so anything dealing with her I will probably like.

sincerelyemilyy 2014-03-17
Just watched this movie and I don’t care what the “top critics” say, this movie was what every hopeless romantic wants. A light-hearted, funny, fun, and butterfly romantic movie. Austenland hit everything perfectly. I laughed, smiled from ear-to-ear, and sighed. If you want to watch an enjoyable rom-com, then watch this one. :))))))

CCOSM 2014-03-09
Great costumes! Fun & mindless entertainment if you are in the mood.

lisaq8500 2014-03-07
This is the sort of movie that I would be embarrased for my husband to see me watching--it's a chick flick. But, it truly has some entertaining moments, and still leaves the warm and fuzzy feeling of love. I don't really take anything to do with Jane Austen all that seriously, so perhaps this could be a bit offensive for people who do. But, it is much better than any other chick flick I've seen in a long time, and completely appropriate for teenage girls to watch (which is something that is hard to find these days).

Vonigirl 2014-03-05
This movie made me and my family laugh so hard! And JJ Feild is an amazing 'Mr. Darcy'... My new favorite movie!! :)

Leen3d 2014-03-02
The plot was charming AND funny! The part of Jane was tailor made for Kerri Russel!! I could watch this again and again and again!!!!

Korallie 2014-02-27
Don't waste your money, very disappointed

Manuel1121 2014-02-25
I absolutely loved this movie! I am going to buy it!

Jamming Ruri 2014-02-25
The movie was enjoyable and funny, and you could just watch it over and over again if you like Keri Russell or a good chick flick.

KellyClassic 2014-02-25
This is such a hilarious, and wonderful movie. I was so pleasantly surprised at how well done it was and I plan to buy it. Bravo!

Strummer2005 2014-02-24
They didn't do a great job of develpoing the Keri Russell's character. It was slow and not quite what I was hoping for. You better off rewatching the Jane Austin Book Club.

Jane Erstwhile 2014-02-23
This movie made me fall in love with this world all over again. I want to go back and re-read the book now. It made me want to go to Austenland and find my own Mr. Nobley. I mean I have always dreamed of something like that happening to me, but after seeing the movie, I want it more! It was entertaining to watch. I laughed a few times out loud. My roommate gave me some strange looks. I had to re-watch some parts with Mr. Nobley because he was just so endearing. I think this movie did the modern world of Jane Austen a good service.

Sheff63 2014-02-22
Sometimes I wonder what some critics were thinking when they gave Anchorman 2 a better rating. This movie deserves better.

Lcempj 2014-02-20
Perfect girl night popcorn movie. Sweet and funny.

avivap 2014-02-19
I couldn’t get through more than an hour of this. There is no storyline. The scenes don’t work together. It’s like the editor was drunk and forgot to include every other scene. I am a fan of ridiculous and stupid movies, but this one was far from enjoyable.

Momsneversleep 2014-02-19
I at first rented Austenland and purchased it directly after. It is so charming and wonderful, funny, witty, and I just can't say enough good things. If you love Jane Austen you'll love this story.

Fm339 2014-02-18
We watched it over and over.

Pastor Sarah 2014-02-18
For any woman who has fallen in love with a book character or English accent this is a must watch. Keri Russel embodies the modern 30-something who has lived in her books and fantasy so long she doesn't know how to live in reality. (truly, there are many like this!) The writers hold a fulfilling tension in the plot to the very sweet ending that delightfully satisfies. Jennifer Coolidge was awesome as always. She makes you laugh out loud. On the deeper level it makes a good discussion for women and girls about fantasy, commercial exploitation and realistic expectations in dating, Loved it!

Katirr2121 2014-02-17
no matter how many times you watch it youll love it

Kaitan 2014-02-17
This movie has nothing more important on its mind than to be silly and goofy. So just go with it. It manages to both seriously emulate and poke fun at Austen stories. It didn’t deserve all the bad reviews at RT.

MSammie 2014-02-17
I LOVE Keri Russel (and Jane Austen) so will usually watch anthing she is in but I have to admit I was completly bored and would recommend saving your money on the rental

KGBJS 2014-02-16
I really did laugh out loud quite a lot with movie, and I plan to play this video for my next girls night in.

Reviewer#4563241 2014-02-16
It's a pretty silly movie, but if you're hungover on a Sunday and feeling a bit sappy, it satisfies and brings some laughs.

riofish 2014-02-15
Not just because I love Jane Austen - but I really just loved this movie. It is WAY funnier than the marketing made it seem and the acting is lovely throughout. Kerri Russell is absolutely perfect, adorable, enjoyable. JJ Fields is exactly how a Darcy character should be - watch out Colin Firth. Plus, even my husband laughed a bunch and he is NOT a fan of Austen.

bellaopera 2014-02-15
Such a cute movie! I wish there was more of the character building and more of the Austenland experience. Not enough time to really get involved with all the fun people and costumes. The movie needed more romance with Nobley and Erstwhile! A real Jane Austen book has numerous accidental trysts and meetings. Still a romantic movie with funny scenes!

Annisdead 2014-02-14
The movie is entertaining. I feel like if you want this to be like a Jane Austen novel then you're setting yourself up for failure. Jennifer Coolidge is hilarious in this. Just don't take it too seriously; I think its meant to be light hearted.

Bobtexstl 2014-02-13
Simply, terribly, awful. Bad script with half-hearted performances. Contrived and ridiculous story line. Too painful to watch.

Ichabodthecat 2014-02-13
Doesn't exactly follow the book, but is sweet, funny, and romantic! Also a dash of 80's/90's teen movie awesomeness!

LaGaviota 2014-02-12
I had not read the book nor was I aware of the general setting of the movie. I was afraid at the beginning that there would be a big cheese factor. However, this movie has completely won me over. I loved it. I've watch it multiple times now and it's one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time.

Chadors 2014-02-12
Can I just say Tally Ho!! This is a great movie for anyone who loves Austen. Have you laughing and will brighten your day.

ddeubel 2014-02-12
I loved the book and I love the movie even more! It's so funny and heartwarming! Love Kerri Russell & JJ Field!

Dandles 2014-02-11
I loved this movie. There were parts where it started to be silly, but it ended up being a really fun romantic comedy. Keri Russell was great in it. I may end up buying this one.

Beantown Brawla 45 2014-02-10
Cute cool